Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Stained glass at St Mary, Great Urswick

Stained glass
St Mary
Great Urswick

Great Urswick's church of St Mary is a gem of a building, with a fantastic collection of windows, many with family arms that I don't have a hope of identifying.

Above. A window with the arms of some of Urswick's local families.

Above. Another window with local family arms, surrounded by pale fleur-de-lis. The armorial shield at the bottom on the left, is the Harrington coat of arms.

Above. A window showing Christ after the crucifixion....I can't make out the writing in the scrolls at the top of the window as the photo is slightly over exposed.

Above. The tiny lancet window, so local tradition has it, contains glass from Furness Abbey.

Above. Two splendid family arms, one (on the left) looking decidedly Royal.

Above. Another slightly over exposed photo, again, prevents me from seeing what the dedication says.

Above. A window dedicated to the memory of Isabella Ashburner, who died in March 1822, aged 51 years.

Above. A beautiful window dedicated to the memory of Thomas Storey of Edge Hill, who was a church warden at St Mary. The window was gifted by his widow, Elizabeth Jane in 1931.

Above. If I remember rightly, this wonderful window is hidden in one of the walls in the gallery. Simple but very pretty.

Visiting the church seems to be actively encouraged, and I would recommend a visit. The building is beautiful, and the grounds are also well worth checking out.

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Jimmy Boy said...

Re: Two splendid family arms, one (on the left) looking decidedly Royal.
The one on the left contains the 'Douglas hearts'. It would be good to know more about this.