Friday, 12 November 2010

St Mary, Windermere

St Mary

Above. The East end of the church from the A591.

Above. The East end of the church.

Above. The East end of the church from the footpath.

Above. The rear of the church (the South) from the church yard.

Above. Looking into the chancel and towards the five light East window.

Above. The wording above the arch between the nave and the chancel.

Above. Looking from the nave towards the West end of the church.

Above. Window showing two angels, with the words "Rejoicing in hope, Patient in tribulation".

Above. The huge East window.

The massive East window is by Burlison and Grylls, and shows the Sermon on the Mount. Check the link for more examples of Burlison and Grylls work.

Above. Window showing the three kings presenting their gifts to Jesus. Dedicated to George Rennison Minnikin, 1869 to 1958.

Above. Window dedicated to William Harrison, who died on the 29th of August 1899(?), given to the church by his children.

Above. The West window. Dedicated to St Mary.

The left hand two panes show the Virgin Mary, to whom the church is dedicated, being spoken to by an angel. The wording at the top of the window reads "Hail thou that art highly favoured. The Lord is with thee. Blessed art thou amongst women." Note the white rose of Yorkshire at the top of the far left and far right hand windows.

The right hand two panes, show the Virgin Mary speaking to St Elizabeth....unfortunately the wording is over exposed and is mostly unreadable.

There are several dedications at the foot of this window:

The far left hand pane displays the coat of arms of Henry Crewdson Broadrick. The second pane (from the left) has the dedication "In loving memory of Frances Mary Broadrick and of her brother George Crewdson, vicar of this parish 1893-1910. These windows were placed here by her son Henry Crewdson Broadrick, 1956"

The next window has the following dedication "Henry Crewdson Broadrick, who gave these windows, died at Highfield, Windermere, December 1950 ***** respected and loved. He was born at High Wray, 18th of December 1874."

The far right pane has the following dedication "These windows replace former windows in memory of Jane Yates 1806-1862. Late of The Wood Windermere, a benefactress of this parish."

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