Friday, 6 August 2010

Clerestory windows, Kendal Parish Church, Kendal

Further information on the Clerestory windows
Kendal Parish Church

Please click the link to see the other clerestory windows at Kendal Parish Church. Shown below, is a single window that is sited away from the two rows of clerestory windows in the nave. This window, shown below, can be found high up on the North wall of the Bellingham chapel. I wonder if this is one of the windows moved from the clerestory when it was realised that the weight of the extra walls was causing the columns to lean?

Above. The 17th clerestory window.

The left hand pane of glass tells us this window was dedicated to the memory of Thomas Co?er of Brereton, and his wife Anne. The middle pane shows St Michael slaying a dragon, possibly representing the devil, and the right hand pane tells us that the window was erected by their son, AC.MACCCLH?? If you can decipher their son's name....please let me know!!!

In the previous post on this blog regarding the Clerestory windows in Kendal Parish church, I mentioned that the weight of the windows and additional masonry to house them, had caused a couple of the supporting columns to move and lean. Well....the photo below shows the result of this structural deficiency. Although only a small lean, it is none the less visible here.

Above. One of the leaning columns at the East end of the church, just in front of the Bevington organ. I don't know if the lean was ever any more than this, or if the column has ever been repaired. The column in front of this also has a lean on it, but was much harder to photograph.

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