Friday, 11 October 2013

Martindale, St Peter

St Peter

Above. St Peter from the summit of Hallin Fell.

Above. Looking from the Nave into the Chancel.

Above. In memory of William Diggle, 60th Bishop of Carlisle. Window dated 1975, by Jane Gray (left pane) Also, dedicated to his son Philip Gilbert William Diggle, and his grandson, John William Diggle (right pane).

Above. Window dedicated to John Arther, and Margaret Bulman of Hallin Bank (left pane) and Ethel Jane Maria Edmondson of Swarthfield (right pane).

Above. Window in memory of William Hugh Parkin.

Above. Window dedicated to Ada Buxton, by Jane Gray, 1975.

Above. Unusual 19th century sedilia.

Above. Window displaying Royal Lion and a Lancashire rose.

Above. Window celebrating the United Kingdom of Great Britain.

Above. Window celebrating HM Queen Elizabeth's Silver Jubilee, 1977.

Above. Window by Jane Gray, 1982.

Above. Looking from the Chancel back into the Nave.

Above. Left hand Chancel window.

Above. Right hand Chancel window.

Tuesday, 8 October 2013