Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Melling, St Wilfrid, stained glass

Stained glass at St Wilfrid

Above. Window depicting St Mary Magdalene (left) St Peter (centre) and St John (right)

Above. Window dedicated to Sandford Tatham and his wife.

The above is a two light window dedicated to Sandford Tatham and his wife. The dedication reads "In memory of Admiral Sandford Tatham Lord of the honor of Hornby & manor of Tatham, who died 24th January 1810 aged 84 yrs. And of Ann his wife, who died 3 April 1812. They are interred in the Chancel of Hornby chapel within the Parish of Melling."

Sandford Tatham was the son of Sandford Tatham (yes! the same name) who was a member of the clergy in Cumberland. Sandford served in the Royal Navy eventually being promoted to Rear-Admiral in 1813. He served in the Navy from June 1746 until June 1846. From 1791 until 1792 Sandford served aboard the Argo, a 44 gun battleship of the Royal Navy, as Commander. From 1793 until 1794, he served aboard the Dromedary, another 44 gun battleship of the Royal Navy, as Commander.

Above. Window depicting St Catherine, Virgin and Martyr and St Wilfrid, Archbishop.

Above. Window depicting St David (left) and Isaiah (right)

Saturday, 9 May 2015

Garstang, St Thomas-new photos

St Thomas

I recently realised that I had some more more photos of St Thomas in Garstang , a church that has a huge connection with my family, the Boys-Stones, that I'd neglected to include on this web site. My Great Great Grandfather George Boys-Stones was the first vicar of St Thomas from 1878 until his death in 1914.

Above. The Rev. George Boys-Stones, my Great Great Grandfather.

Previous visits were more concerned with the family link to the church, but I managed to photograph the interior of the church a while back, a place where George would have ministered probably daily, for almost 36 years.

Above. Looking down the Nave into the Chancel. 

Above. The West window above the altar in the Chancel. 

Above. Looking into the Nave with the only surviving 19th century gallery. 

Above. The organ in the Chancel. 

The organ, shown above, was dedicated by my Great Great Great Grandmother Martha Stones (Boys-Stones) in 1895, only a few years before she passed away in 1897. She lived at Catterall Cottage in Catterall, and shared the dedication with Albert Simpson of Elmhurst.

Above. The pulpit from which my Great Great Grandfather would have ministered from. 

Above. Another view of the pulpit. 

Above. Looking into the Chancel towards the West window.

Above. View of the church from the church yard. 

Above. View of the church from the older part of the church yard. 

Above. The South side of the church.

I also realised that I had a couple of photos of the Boys-Stones family plot that I've not posted here before.

Above. The Boys-Stones family plot at St Thomas. 

Above. The Boys-Stones family plot at St Thomas.