Sunday, 17 July 2011

The vicarage, Warton, Lancashire

The Vicarage

With one part of this building dating from 1824 and the other dating from around 1300, this is one of Warton's oldest buildings. Listed Grade I, it can be found between Main Street and the Rectory just opposite St Oswalds.

Above. The vicarage (right) and the Rectory (left)

The Rectory, only a few yards away, is from roughly the same period as the Vicarage. Both building were therefore likely built as the parts of the same complex of buildings, with the Vicarage being either an outbuilding, or specifically as accommodation for the Rectory.

Above. A surviving single light window in the 13th century portion of the building.

The window shown above, a cusped lancet window, probably dates from the 13th century.

Above. Another view of the 13th century portion of the Vicarage.

The portion of the building to the right with the four chimneys, is the 1824 addition to the Vicarage.

Here's a link to the St Oswald church website.

Weslyan\Methodist chapel, Newby

Weslyan\Methodist chapel
North Yorkshire

Above. The tiny Weslyan chapel at Newby.