Saturday, 29 November 2014

Carlisle Cathedral stained glass

Carlisle Cathedral stained Glass

Unfortunately this small collection of photos didn't quite live up to expectations, mainly due to the fact that I was not allowed to use my tripod or monopod. 

Above. Window showing St Oswald (left) and St Aiden (right) 

Above. Window with a number of family coats of arms. 


Above. Window containing fragments of medieval glass found in Carlisle Cathedral. 

Above. Window dedicated to Muriel Hamilton Fisher. 

Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Carlisle Cathedral interior photos

Carlisle Cathedral
Interior Photos

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral
October 2014 visit

External photos

Above. Looking at the South porch and the West end of the Cathedral.

Above. The Cathedral viewed between the Fratery and some of the Cathedral buildings.

Above. The East end of Carlisle Cathedral.

Above. Carlisle Cathedral as viewed from the walls of Carlisle Castle.

Above. The West end of the Cathedral from the grounds of the Prior's Tower.

Above. Norman stone work visible high on the South walls of the Cathedral.

Above. Buttress on the West end stub of the Cathedral.

Above. Remains of an arch(?) in the stub of the West end of the Cathedral.

Above. John Coney engraving of Carlisle Cathedral.

Above. M.E.Nutter engraving of Carlisle Cathedral. 

Above. Engraving of Carlisle Cathedral showing the building before its partial demolition by Jacobite forces in 1644. 

Above. Antiquarian floor plan of Carlisle Cathedral.

Friday, 31 October 2014

Stained Glass at St Cuthberts, Carlisle

Stained Glass
St Cuthberts

St Cuthberts has a small but perfectly formed collection of stained glass, all dating from the 20th century, excepting of course the window containing the sole relics of the Norman church on this site.

Above. Stained glass window gifted to the church by the Latvian community.

The Latvian window was made by local firm, Elders, Walker and Millican Ltd, and was dedicated in 1982. The design was by John Rees.

Above. Window dedicated to the memory of James French Fearnley, Eric Henry Rennie and William Foster Woodhouse Telford....all of whom died in World War 2

Above. Window dedicated to Margaret Hodgkinson, mother of Joan. The window shows St Cuthberts and the Cathedral in the background.

Known as the St Mary window, this window was designed by R. R. Nichol.

Above. Collection of medieval glass.

This window is contains the only relics of the Norman church that once stood on this site and was demolished in 1778. It was assembled by the Glaziers of York Minster in 1961. The window is dedicated to Mary Annie Edgar (1874 to 1959) and her brother William (1877 to 1945) 

The following set of six windows shows the story of St Cuthbert's life, and all were designed by Nicholson Studios of London.

Above. Window dedicated to John Robert Cockbain, Choir Master and First Secretary of the Parochial Church Council.

The window shows Queen Etheldreda offering St Cuthbert a Stole and Maniple (liturgical vestments) 

Above. Window dedicated to Harold Beesley Wilson M.A., Hon. Canon of Carlisle and Vicar of the Parish from 1927 until 1956.

This window shows St Cuthbert being shown the Roman Well in Carlisle, when he visited in 685AD.

Above. Window dedicated to Benjamin Richmond Rickerby, Churchwarden from 1921 to 1923.

This window shows St Cuthbert of Lindisfarne....patron saint of the North of England, Great Master at Ripon Monastery, monk, hermit, Prior of Melrose, Prior of Lindisfarne and finally Bishop of Lindisfarne.

Above. Window dedicated to Ernest Millican Bulman and Margaret Bulman.

This window shows Prior Boisil of Melrose giving his ring of office to St Cuthbert, his successor.

Above. Window dedicated to James Nelson and Jane Nelson his wife.

This window shows St Cuthbert demonstrating his hospitality whilst the steward of Ripon Monastery.

Above. Window dedicated to Dr Henry Barnes M.D. 

This window shows St Cuthbert being received at Melrose as a young boy.