Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Yealand Quaker's Meeting House, Yealand

Yealand Meeting House

The Meeting house in Yealand is situated on the East side of Yealand Road, set back in the trees at the far end of the burial ground. Built in 1692, when the rules of dissenting worshipping were relaxed (you had to register to worship outside of the Church of England) the Meeting house has seen few changes over the years. There were some small scale extension works in 1777, when the two sash windows were inserted into the South wall....otherwise the building is pretty much as it would have been in the late 17th century. This is regarded as an exceptional example of an early Quaker\Friend's Meeting house.

Above. The porch with the date 1692 carved in the arch.

The burial ground is unusual for an early Meeting house in that it contains dozens of headstones, many with reoccurring family names.

Above. Looking into the burial ground with the Meeting house at the end of the path.

Above. Inside the Meeting house.

Above. Inside the Meeting house.

Check out the Yealand Quaker's website for more information.

Check this link for a list of family names to be found in the burial ground.

My thanks to Jim Jarvis for opening the Meeting house for me to photograph, and for spending time sharing his thoughts and knowledge....it's very much appreciated!

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