Saturday, 13 February 2010

St Michael, Beetham

St Michael

St Michael's has a fine collection of stained glass. Here are the majority of the windows in this beautiful Norman church. As information becomes available, it will be posted here.

Above. Window depicting St Elizabeth (far left), the Virgin Mary, and Mary Magdelene.

Above. Window depicting St John (left) and St Andrew (right) and dedicated to G.B. Cole, vicar.

Above. The huge East window over the chancel.

Above. Window depicting St George (left) and St Martin (right)

Above. Window depicting St Oswald (left) King Charles (middle) and St Alban (right)

Above. Window depicted to St Osyth (left) St Ethelburga (middle) and St Lioba (right) and dedicated to the memory of John Yeates Thornton, who died in 1859.

Above. I can't read who the window depicts, but it it dedicated to N.D. Hutton, mother of William Hutton, vicar of Beetham, and his daughters G.M. Bannerman and M.T. Hutton.

For more information on the church, go to this link.

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m.twycross said...

I don't know who the lady on the right in the Hutton window is - seems to be a maternal female saint, too many choices - but the one one the left is probably St Anne teaching her daughter the Virgin Mary to read. This was a common 15th-century motif, and has been made much of by the people who work on female literacy in the Middle Ages. Not that this example is medieval ...