Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Stained glass at St Cuthberts, Great Salkeld

Stained glass at St Cuthbert
Great Salkeld

The beautiful church of St Cuthbert in the village of Great Salkeld has an excellent collection of stained glass windows. I think they're all here, shown below. A brief description is also shown here, where information is available.

Above. Two simple windows.

Above. A window, possibly depicting the Last Supper.

Above. A window appearing to depict Jesus healing the sick and needy.

Above. The East window in the chancel.

Above. A window dedicated to J.S. Mulcaster Rector of the church, and dedicated in 1866 in celebration of the restoration of the chancel. The window depicts a version of the Mulcaster family arms, although all other versions showed a black diagonal band cutting the shield in half, not a blue band.

Above. A window dedicated to William Nicholson.

Above. A window with the Lowther family arms. Beneath, obscured by plants on the window sill, a dedication to William Henry Lowther, Major General, who died in 1912 (Wikipedia page on William Henry Lowther)

Above. St Cuthbert by Powell of Whitefriars. Note the depiction of Lindesfarne castle to the right of St Cuthbert, and the arms of Lindesfarne to his left.

Above. A window dedicated to the memory of Caroline Sanderson, and dated 1870.

Above. A window depicting Jesus with the children. Unfortunately the dedication is obscured by plants on the window sill.

Above. A window depicting the Resurrection. The quote reads "Christ is risen from the dead, and become the first fruits of them that slept" The dedication beneath is to Mary and Robert Thompson of Inglewood. The window was dedicated by their children in 1908

For information on the fortified aspects of this church, check this link out.

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