Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cartmel Priory, Cartmel

Cartmel Priory

Above. The East end of Cartmel Priory.

Above. A view of the South face of Cartmel Priory.

Above. Looking East into the Nave.

Above. A panoramic view of the Chancel choir stalls.

Above. A view of the chancel passageways high up in the walls.

Above. Looking into the Chancel at the East end of the Priory.

Above. The South Transept and its two magnificent windows.

Above. The North Transept and its single window.

Above. Looking down the North aisle towards the chapel.

Above. A 'dark' view of the chancel showing the passageways high up in the wall.

Above. The Harrington tomb, inserted into an archway and therefore not in its original location.

Above. The Cavendish monument, with Royal arms on the wall behind it.

Above. A decorative piscina.

Above. Late 12th century door in the South wall.

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dope HH said...

What a delightful Norman church! One I was not aware of too!