Friday, 22 October 2010

Evangelical church, Capernwray

Evangelical church

This is a handsome building.....ruined by the stupid big red sign that adorns the West facing tower. How anyone could think that this is in some way a good look baffles me!! The evangelical nature of the sign, screaming out to anyone who happens to chance upon this church, spoils the looks of this late 19th century church.

Above. Ruined by the sign...the West facing tower.

The church, originally built as a private chapel for nearby Capernwray Old Hall in the late 19th century, sits at the junction of Borwick Road and Borron Lane, about a mile and a half South East of the village of Borwick.

Above. Another view of the West facing tower.

The size of the church from the outside, belies the fact that it has a four bay Nave and a two bay chancel, but I was unfortunately not able to gain access to take any photos. The chapel was built between 1835 and 1840 to designs by Edmund Sharpe from Lancaster (who I'm sure would be horrified by the sign on the tower!!!) E.G.Paley added the beautiful tower, the chancel and a West window. The building work was funded entirely by George Henry Powys Marton, Lord Lieutenant of Lancashire who owned nearby Borwick Hall as well as Capernwray Hall.

Above. The North wall, with its subtle single light windows.

By the early 1960's, the congregation had outgrown the chapel and it was turned into accommodation. It was later abandoned for some time, until the Evangelical Fellowship were granted permission to use it as a chapel.

Below. Some of the church's inhabitants....proper gargoyles with a nice pair of Green Men thrown in for good luck!

The church was unfortunately locked, so I was unable to gain access.

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