Saturday, 30 April 2011

St Columba's Free Church, Edinburgh

St Columba's Free Church

I've finally managed to identify this rather dark and gothic looking church as St Columba's Free church. You can find it at the junctions of Upper Bow, Johnston Terrace and Castlehill, a few hundred yards to the East of Edinburgh Castle.

The Scottish Church Heritage Research website states that this building was built sometime around 1700......but apart from that, there seems to be scant information regarding this building at the moment.


Unknown said...

The church was built in 1846 and had a major renovation in 1908.

1700 was close though ;)

Anonymous said...

Andrew, the neighbouring St. Columba's-by-the-Castle was the one constructed in 1846.

Unknown said...

No both were built in the 1840s, St Columba's Free Church was built in 1846 -

Here's a picture from around that time