Wednesday, 26 November 2014

Carlisle Cathedral

Carlisle Cathedral
October 2014 visit

External photos

Above. Looking at the South porch and the West end of the Cathedral.

Above. The Cathedral viewed between the Fratery and some of the Cathedral buildings.

Above. The East end of Carlisle Cathedral.

Above. Carlisle Cathedral as viewed from the walls of Carlisle Castle.

Above. The West end of the Cathedral from the grounds of the Prior's Tower.

Above. Norman stone work visible high on the South walls of the Cathedral.

Above. Buttress on the West end stub of the Cathedral.

Above. Remains of an arch(?) in the stub of the West end of the Cathedral.

Above. John Coney engraving of Carlisle Cathedral.

Above. M.E.Nutter engraving of Carlisle Cathedral. 

Above. Engraving of Carlisle Cathedral showing the building before its partial demolition by Jacobite forces in 1644. 

Above. Antiquarian floor plan of Carlisle Cathedral.

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Beautiful cathedral