Sunday, 19 October 2014

News flash - Kendal Town Council announce bid to have Kendal Parish church raised to Minster status

Kendal Town Council have announced a bid to have Kendal Parish church raised to Minster status. This move, if successful, would raise Kendal's parish church to the same status as York Minster for example, and place it amongst 44 other 'Greater' churches nationally.

If the bid is successful, and it's currently with the Bishop of Carlisle for his deliberation, Kendal's Parish church will join the likes of Westminster in London, Beverly Minster, Ripon Cathedral, Lincoln Cathedral and of course, the mighty York Minster. To be amongst such illustrious company can only be a good thing for Kendal and the South Lakeland area as a whole, and would certainly be befitting of such a fantastic building, built on such a grand scale and possessing a multitude of important architectural details and furnishings. 

Check the Westmorland Gazette's story out for more information.

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Sarah said...

That's sounds interesting, I've never visited the Cathedral in Kendal. Next time I am there will check it out