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Kendal Parish church - old post cards

Kendal Parish church
Old post cards

I think if anything, old post cards enable us to glimpse a little bit of the past, the evolution of a building or a place. This small collection of cards portraying Kendal Parish church are no different, and over the years it's easy to see the changing face of our fantastic, Grade I listed medieval church.

Above. Undated photo of the West front of the Parish church

This undated photo of the church, shows a yard that is both well manicured and yet, at the same time, strangely overgrown. The small bushes between the box tombs and the church are squarely cut, whilst the grass is quite long. It's nice to see photos of the church with tombs in the yard.

 Above. Photo of the East end of the church.

Photo of the church showing the East end and the South wall without the vestry. The building to the right with the large round headed windows, could be the old vicarage.

Above. View of the West end of the church

Again, the yard is presented in a different fashion, with gravel paths leading to the West porch on the right, and the smaller door to the Outer North aisle on the left.

Above. View of the West end of the church. 

Above. The West end of the church. 

Another great view of the West end of the church, showing how busy the yard was with tombs and headstones. When these stones were moved, they were mostly placed on the ground on the North side of the church. The tops and sides of many of the table tombs, were used to top the wall that runs down the South side of the church and can still be seen today.

Above. A nice elevated view of the West end of the church.

Above. Old floorplan of the Parish Church.

As I come by more old photos and post cards of the Parish church I'll post them here.

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Lovely series. Thank you so much for sharing. :)