Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Eldroth Church, Eldroth

Eldroth Church
Near Settle
North Yorkshire

The tiny church at Eldroth can be found about two miles West of Settle, and about a mile and a half South of Austwick. As a place or a village, Eldroth is really just a collection of houses spread along Eldroth Road, with the tiny church sitting at the junction with School Lane. Bizarrely it doesn't seem to be listed....at least I've not been able to find it in the lists anywhere.

Above. The un-dedicated church at Eldroth.

All I can find out about the history of this beautiful little church, is that it was originally built as a chapel and a school (hence the nearby School Lane) sometime around 1627. It remained in use as a school up until around 1840.

Above. The bell-cote with its supporting buttress.

Above. Looking towards the West end of the chapel.

Above. The fire place in the North wall.

The fire place, fairly unusual in a church or a chapel, probably harks back to the days it was used as school house and the school master's house . It's a nice feature that has been retained from the church's early days.

Above. The tiny font at the West end of the church.

Above. Looking towards the East end of the church.

Above. The beautiful leaded window in the East wall.

The school master also lived in the church whilst it was used as the school, but with the building of the house next door, the school and the school master were able to move out of the church and into the new buildings.
The church was restored in 1861, and from then on was used exclusively for religious services.

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