Monday, 11 April 2016

Low Wray, St Margaret

St Margaret
Low Wray

I'm not usually a fan of Victorian's mostly staid, functional and a little square for my liking. However....this little church, more of a family\estate chapel really is a Cumbrian gem. It can be found on the drive leading up to Wray Castle, just behind the gatehouse.

Above. St Margaret from the drive way to Wray Castle. 

Built in 1856 by James Dawson, the church was primarily for the use of the family, estate workers and staff at the castle. It was consecrated in 1861. James Dawson, a retired surgeon from Liverpool, established the extensive estates centered around Wray Castle, with the church as its spiritual core, using his wife's fortune.

James died in 1875, and the estates passed to his nephew Preston Rawnsley. Harwick Rawnsley, one of Preston's cousins, served as vicar of St Margarets from 1877.

The church is no longer used for public services and is now in private ownership.

Above. Wray Castle.

Wray Castle lies a few hundred yards away. A visit just to experience this Victorian oddity is highly recommended.

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