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Austwick, church of the Epiphany

Church of the Epiphany
North Yorkshire

Austwick lies just off the A65, some six miles North West of Settle. The small church of the Epiphany can be found at the junction of Graystonber Lane and Main Street. It is a small church with a polygonal apse at its East end.

The church was converted from a lecture hall into the parish church in 1839, for local business man Charles Ingleby, with the apse being added in 1883.

Above. Looking towards the West end of the church.

Above. A view into the apse at the East end of the church.

Above. A closer view of the apse.

Above. Window dedicated to Ann Peters and the work she did for the children of the parish. Gifted to the church by her friends and neighbours in 1880.

Above. A view of the window in the wall above the arch at the West end of the church.

Above. Window dedicated to the memory of Nancy Jane Watkins, wife of Bernard Edward Watkins, who died in November 1923. Bernard died at Lawkland Hall nearby, in 1896.

Above. Window depicting Saint Francis of Assisi. Dedicated to the memory of the Reverend Arthur Ingilby, who died in September 1928.

Above. Apse window number 1.

Above. Apse Window number 2.

Above. Apse window number 3.

The three windows in the apse, (1, 2 and 3) are all dedicated to the fiftieth year of Queen Victoria's reign, and are all dated 1887.

Above. Window dedicated to the memory of Christopher Ingleby (note the different spelling) Gifted to the church by his friends and neighbours in 1889.

There is a little on-street parking nearby, and as far as I can tell, the church is left open.

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