Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Burton in Kendal Market Cross

Market Cross
Burton in Kendal

The market cross can be found just off Main Street. It consists of a three stepped octagonal lime stone base, with a moulded squared base topped with a tapered shaft.

Above. View of the market cross from across Main Street.

Above. Close up view of the octagonal base.

The whole monument dates from sometime in the 18th century, and may well have replaced a much earlier cross erected after King Charles II granted Burton in Kendal its market charter in 1661.

Above. Close up view of the indentations in the second step of the base.

It is thought that the indentations in the limes stone steps, shown above, may have been where leg irons would have been attached to the cross base. These would have been used as an alternative to the village stocks.

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