Monday, 6 December 2010

Langcliffe Methodist Chapel and school

Methodist\Wesleyan chapel and Sunday School
North Yorkshire

The small (but perfectly formed) village of Langcliffe lies half a mile to the North of Settle in North Yorkshire. The old part of the village is built around a large green, with the church to the East and the Methodist chapel and the old Wesleyan Sunday School to the South.

Above. The Methodist Chapel (left) and the Wesleyan Sunday School (right)

The chapel was built in 1903, as an extension to the building next door (built in 1852) which was put to the use of Sunday School. It seems that the Methodist congregation diminished to such an extent, that in 2001 the chapel and school were closed and converted to private housing. Luckily for us though, the external features marking this building out as a chapel, ie, the long case windows in the East wall, and the wine glass shaped cupola, have all been retained.

Check the link out for some interesting memories and comments from Langcliffe's Methodists today!

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