Sunday, 6 November 2011

Christ Church, Carnforth

Christ Church

Built in 1875 to designs by Brade and Smales, this is a sadly uninspiring and dull church. The North aisle was added in 1900, with the tower being added 1908 to designs by W. Gilbee Scott.

Although the church is built of sandstone, it lacks the normal warmth of this building material....possibly due to the many years of steam train activity in this once bustling Lancashire town. Unfortunately the church was not open on my visit.

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Stephen Jones said...

It's pity that you have been rather condemnatory in your evaluation of the building without going inside. In fact, the church is open most of the time during daylight hours. If you were to visit again, avoiding Saturday afternoons, I think you'd find it less 'uninspiring and dull'.