Saturday, 5 November 2011

St Paul, Scotforth, Lancaster

St Paul,

This is a beautiful church, dating from 1874 and built to designs by Edmund Sharpe. Further extensions and additions were made in 1891 to designs by Lancaster based architects Paley and Austin.

The most striking feature has to the the apse at the base of the hipped tower, with its terracotta detailing.

I would love to have been able to take some photos of the interior of this church but it was locked. I'll have to pay a visit another day. I must note here the strange attitude of the vicar of St Pauls. He approached me asking what I was doing, and told me to "get a life" when I told him that I collected churches. Nice to have some encouragement from the man in charge!

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Michael Gisbourne said...

Please feel free to call again to visit the interior and take some photos if you wish.

I apologise if it was my comments that upset you - I cannot remember an encounter - but it was around the time I moved in to the Vicarage