Sunday, 6 September 2009

All Saints, Killington

All Saints
Near Sedbergh

Killington is a tiny village some four and a half miles South West of Sedbergh, and about ten miles East of Kendal. The church can be found just off Cross Bank, the main road running through the village, and opposite the ruins if Killington Hall. Hall Beck runs to the West of the ruined tower and the church, with a small bridge providing access.

It is thought that the church would originally have been the manorial chapel for the Pickering family when the hall opposite was built. The Pickerings were resident in Killington from the 13th century right through to the 17th century. The survival of the hall and its accompanying chapel pretty much as it was when it was built, is a rarity.

The church, a grade II listed building, was most likely built in the 14th century, with alterations taking place in the 17th century and in 1894. Indeed, Mike Salter in his book The Old Parish Churches of Cumbria, dates the tower to the 17th century, but it retains a 14th century arch, either indicating that the 17th century tower replaced an earlier one, or that the arch would have been the original doorway into the church.

Unfortunately, the church was not open upon my last visit, so I will have to return to photograph the interior.

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