Sunday, 6 September 2009

St John the Evangelist, Levens

St John the Evangelist

Levens lays at the junction of the A6 and the A590, and is within easy reach of Levens Hall, Sizergh Castle, Kendal and the village of Heversham.

The church was built in 1828, and funded entirely by the Howard family of Levens Hall after a disagreement with the vicar of Heversham church.

View of the chancel from the gallery

The bells hanging in the church yard, were installed in their strangely oriental housing by Rev Sidney Swann, in 1912. It is said that they were being used as 'flower pots' such were the poor clarity of their tones. The Rev Swann said after they had been re-housed, that they sounded so much better when struck with a wooden mallet....seeing as they did not have their original clappers any more!

The church was only open when I visited as it was being cleaned.

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