Friday, 4 September 2009

St Luke, Haverigg

St Luke
Near Millom

Haverigg lays about half a mile West of Millom, with the church of St Luke occupying the west side of St Luke's Road.

The church is a simple single chambered building, with a towering stained glass window above the Chancel (see below)

Click on the photo of the window to see it full screen.

Outside the church, in the most Western portion of the church yard, a long row of gravestones can be found....each one representing the last resting place of airmen killed in training exercises or in action during the Second World War. All were based at nearby RAF Millom.

I don't think the church is normally left open, but my visit coincided with a 'cleaning' visit by some locals who kindly let me in to photograph the interior.

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