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St Gregory, Vale of Lune Nr Sedbergh

St Gregory
Vale of Lune
Nr Sedbergh

This small church lays at the side of the A684, some two and half miles West of Sedbergh. Built in 1850 as a mission chapel to nearby Ingmire Hall (for the navvies engaged in building the nearby Ingleton branch railway) the church is now Grade II listed.

It was paid for by the Upton family of nearby Ingmire Hall, who also provided a scripture reader to ensure that the navvies, being so far from home, did not miss out on their spiritual well being! The church contains amongst others, three beautiful William Morris designed stained glass windows, beautifully placed to make full use of the light airy interior of the church.




This window is perhaps the best placed of the three, sitting as it does in the north wall of the church. It is plainly visible from the far South end of the church, and if the light hits it just right, it lights the porch up.

There are a number of other stained glass windows in the church (not shown here) by Frederick George Simon, installed in 1900, and showing rivers, animals and fell scenes. The woodwork (pews and wall panels) were all by Waring and Gillow of Lancaster.

View of the interior of the church, looking South towards the chancel.

The photo above shows the lantern built into the ceiling, with six windows in each side. This feature allows loads of light into the church, making it a bright and airy building to be in.

A view of the interior of the church looking North towards the porch. The window Peace, can just be seen in the porch wall.

View of the North end of the church. It's exterior simplicity hides the treasure trove of windows and woodwork to be found inside. There is little available parking nearby, and due to the narrow busy main road nearby, care must be taken when parking. The church is open daily, and is now in the care of the Churches Conservation Trust.

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