Wednesday, 13 January 2010

The angels of Holy Trinity, Kendal

The angels of Holy Trinity church

If you cast your eyes to the ceiling inside Holy Trinity, you are sure to see a host of angels above your head, looking down at you from the walls and the great wooden ceiling of the North aisle. The Kendal Parish Church web site states that the church could well be called the "Church of Angels" owing to the fact that there are allegedly somewhere in the region of ninety depictions of these heavenly bodies scattered throughout the church.

The fourteen shown below are all to be found in the roof of the North aisle, at the North West corner of the church. They most likely date from around 1868, owing to the fact that they were housed here when the church was re-roofed at this time. It appears that, up until around 1980, they were uncoloured, only being painted in their current colours around this time.

The four angels shown below can be found in the Parr chapel, at the South East corner of the church. Each angel is said to represent a symbol of the crucifixion.

The cross (above)

The crown (above)

Hammer and nails (above)

Ladder (above)

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