Sunday, 30 November 2008

Dunnerdale, Holy Innocents

Holy Innocents

This tiny church can be found about two and a half miles North of Broughton in Furness, on the B road leading to the A593.

The church is hidden behind a screen of trees as you approach from the North.

Instead of a clock on a steeple or tower, the church's clock is mounted on the West facing porch.

An apse can be found at the East end of the church, light and airy with four narrow windows.

There is a single stained glass window in the church. It is dedicated to Amadeus Malleson, vicar of the parish from 1870 to 1897.

The window was designed by Charles Kemp, a painter of church ceilings, walls and woodwork throughout the 1860's. He was responsible for work in a number of churches throughout Cumbria. Click on the image for a full size version. Another version of this photo, without the security wiring, can be found here!

A view towards the apse and the altar, and the Charles Kemp window. The church has been in existence from at least 1887, as there is a foundation stone with the following inscription on it "This stone was laid by the Viscountess Cross, Sept 19th 1887"

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Anonymous said...

My husband and I love this beautiful little church. On our first visit to England we renewed our wedding vows at Holy Innocents. The ladies of the church made the lovliest flower arrangements for the altar and each of the windows! Holy Innocents has a special place in our hearts.