Sunday, 30 November 2008

Crook, St Catherine

St Catherine

This late 19th century church can be found about three four miles West of Kendal, on the B5284.

Above. View of the church from high up on the hill to the South.

Built in 1882 to designs by Stephen Shaw, it is a grey, industrial looking church, very square and with a squat, squared, three storey tower.

Above. View of the South side of the church.

About half a mile directly to the South, the remains of the old church tower can be seen in the fields, left standing as a monument.

Above. The West tower.

The church retains a 14th century bell, probably from the original church.

Above. Looking into the chancel.

Above. Closer view of the chancel.

Above. Looking through the chancel arch to the nave and tower beyond.

It possesses only two tiny stained glass windows, shown below.

Above. Tiny window showing Christ, housed in the South wall of the ground floor of the tower.

Above. Tiny window dedicated to the Gilpin family, in the South wall of the nave.

There is just enough room to safely park your car on the roadside here, and, if the gates to the church yard are open, enough room for about two cars in the tarmacked area of the church yard. On both occasions I've visited this church, it has been unlocked.

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