Monday, 5 October 2009

St Leonard-graves and grave slabs, Heysham

St Leonard's chapel

The ancient chapel of St Leonard, dating from around 667AD, has a fine set of graves hewn from the bedrock of the cliff above Morecambe Bay, along with a set of grave slabs.

The photo above shows two small graves. The grave on the left, has a socket for a cross...long since lost.

Shown above, are two grave slabs...possibly lids removed from any of the graves shown here.

The graves above, made famous by Black Sabbath, are right on the edge of the cliffs. There six shown here, all shaped slightly to accommodate a human....narrow at the feet, flaring slightly to fit the wast, narrow at the neck, and then flared for the head. All possess a small socket for a cross to be seated in...all long since lost.

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