Monday, 5 October 2009

St Michael - Hog back stones and cross shafts, Lowther

St Michael

Typically in my haste to photograph this church, I've missed each of the three major grave slabs her at Lowther. I did manage, however, to photograph the hog back stones, cross shaft and sun dial.

The first hog back stone, shown above, is obviously very well worn. It's likely that this example of pre-Norman conquest architecture has been outside for many's weather worn surfaces are nearly blank.

The photo above, shows another hog back stone, in the foreground, and a red sandstone cross shaft above it. The hog back stone once again looks as if it has been at the mercy of the weather, as its surfaces are very weather worn. The cross shaft, now broken in two, has a well preserved Saxon knot motif carved into its surfaces.

The photo above, shows a medieval cross shaft still mounted in its stepped base. Both items are to be found at the South of the church, about twenty feet from the wall of the South Transept.

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