Monday, 5 October 2009

St Mary, Whitbeck

St Mary
Nr Millom

The church of St Mary lays about five miles West of St Mary's at Whicham....again along the A595. This time, the church, as well as having Black Combe as a spectacular backdrop, looks out over the sea. Black Combe can just be seen 'peeking' over the roof of the Grade II listed church in the following photo.

The following photo shows a view looking back towards the West end of the church. The ornamented round window in the top portion of the wall, sits just under the bell cote which houses two bells.

The following photo shows a view looking towards the East end of the church, through an arch, said to be early 13th century. The chance, dressed in blue can be seen beyond the arch, with its three light window.

This church was open on the day I visited, and there is ample parking in a nearby lay by.

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Anonymous said...

I am esearching my family history which centres on Whitbeck and I was delighted to see these lovely images of the church where a number of the people I have recently discovered were baptised or married. It felt as if I had a tangible link to the past
Thank you